Messengers from the Stars is an international, peer-reviewed journal, offering academic articles, reviews, and providing an outlet for a wide range of creative work inspired by science fiction and fantasy. It aims at promoting science fiction and fantasy in the humanities while, at the same time, providing a forum for discussion on all aspects of science fiction and fantasy by welcoming innovative approaches and critical methodologies to the critical and creative landscape.

This publication is directed both at academics and students. On the one hand, the journal is devoted to the academic community by exploring different theoretical approaches to science fiction and fantasy. On the other, since one of its aims is to promote science fiction and fantasy in education, the journal also targets students and teachers by promoting their engagement in the ongoing discussion on both genres. Therefore, all submissions are welcomed throughout the year and will be considered for review and publication.

Finally, as a potential vehicle for creative output, this publication strives to showcase original work submitted by writers and artists alike, both from within and branching out of the academic sphere.

The journal will cover the following topics:

Artificial Intelligence; Comic Books/Graphic Novels; Fantasy and Children’s Literature; Fantasy and Science Fiction on Screen (cinema, Web, video games, etc…); Fantasy and the Gothic; Imagination and Fantasy; Journey; Medieval Fantasy; National and International Fictions; Place and Non-place; Popular Culture; Science and Fiction; Steampunk; Television Studies and Utopias/Dystopias.

Editorial Board

  • Adelaide Meira Serras
  • Ana Daniela Coelho
  • Ana Rita Martins
  • Angélica Varandas
  • João Félix
  • José Duarte

Book/Film Reviews Editors

  • Diana Marques
  • Igor Furão
  • Mónica Paiva

Advisory Board

  • Adam Roberts (Royal Holloway, University of London, UK)
  • David Roas (Universidad Autónoma de Barcelona, SPAIN)
  • Flávio García (Universidade do Estado do Rio de Janeiro – UERJ, BRAZIL)
  • Henrique Leitão (Faculdade de Ciências, Univ. Lisbon, PORTUGAL)
  • Jonathan Gayles (Georgia State University, USA)
  • Katherine Fowkes (High Point University, USA)
  • Ljubica Matek (University of Osijek, CROATIA)
  • Maria Cristina Batalha (Universidade do Estado do Rio de Janeiro – UERJ, BRAZIL)
  • Martin Simonson (University of the Basque Country, SPAIN)
  • Susana Oliveira (Faculdade de Arquitectura, Univ. Lisbon, PORTUGAL)
  • Teresa Lopez-Pellisa (Universidad Autónoma de Barcelona, SPAIN)

Content Managers

  • Diogo Almeida
  • João Félix



  • David Klein Martins